Thy Will is the Way


-Content toroidally Improves-

-Content toroidally improves. The meaning of words participates in the improvement. Plagiarism is necessary. Toroidal-Progress implies it. It embraces an author’s phrase, makes use of his expressions, erase the perceived false idea, and replaces it with the toroidally correct content.

Jon Gee

Jon Gee



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Torus? And Poi Patterns

The torus is a shape in geometry that has powerful mental and physical application ( Why is this so? Because many things in nature use the concept of the’ torus’ to promote its essence.( Why do I both transmit and receive, Why do I have a belly button, Why do apples have cores, Why does the earth stay in orbit, Why are we in cycles.

-Look at the torus present within the art of poi.(

Webbing Together the Mind and Body

The Idea behind using the Internet for ‘Me’ is for my own personal growth/cultivation. Furthermore, I hope that my nature is one that invites people/ ‘the seemly other’ to cultivate their personal skills and to contribute to ‘the Great-Work’ which is a ‘process’. What my interest are at the current time with webs and designing systems is the binary background. However, it seems this binary nature is in fact ‘singular’ because the binary components 0 and 1 rely on another for their own existence/ identity ( This need for symmetry and the relationship between ‘opposites’ is my -focus- specifically within the topology of ‘mind and body’ a relationship which leads idealism and materialism in harmony (Heaven/Idealism on Earth/materialism). (
Furthermore, this need of respecting the relationship between mind and body is very ancient. So the point or function of the site is to promote actives, which increase correspondences between mind and body. However, correspondence between mind and body are endless due to the transcendent power of the mind. Therefore, the start of correspondences between mind and body will begin with poi ( and simple geometry, as seen in Cyrille’s document ‘Spinning and Geometry’( & geometry.pdf). This work is the essence of ‘The New Age’ and body-mechanics and pattern correspondences. This is to the extent of my limited knowledge our most modern exoteric practice of geometric patterns and mind-body associations. However, the practice of mind-body correspondences is ancient. For example, both western and eastern ancient holistic health practices had astrological correspondences to the body as a way of interpreting symbolic interplay between organ/energetic systems. In addition, the roots of traditional Chinese medicine, still uses diagrams and symbolic astrological correspondences to analysis illness ( and Furthermore, our western medicine has its roots going back to the Greek/Latin Humor system (, which also has astrological correspondences to the body. This is very important because creating correspondences creates Mnemonic webs/systems of connections. Thus, my vision is to create a site that aids Psyho-SomaticMnemonic research ( And because my research is about psycho-somaticmnmonic research, I will try to extract knowledge from past practitioners who have contributed to this Great-Work (the cultivation of mind body relationships). (